So yesterday in Newport was fun. (: I went to the LBG pop up store! My dad decided he was going to take me after all! My parents are the best. (: So when we got there the store was closed, so we just walked around looking at a few stores. He saw all the cute houses and the pier. The ocean was beautiful. :o Mind you, this was my first time in Newport so yeah it was really pretty. (: <3 That lasted for about 2 hours and a half because Jaxin tweeted me telling me he’ll see me soon, which meant he just opened up the store! 

    So we went over to the store and I went inside being a bit shy. He told me he liked my cardian. (x I asked him if he could sign my Tatts Turtle Tee and he was really stoked to do it. (: After that I showed him a few of my drawings and designs and he told me I was really talented and he told me that’s how h e started out. (: He told me to keep on going. ^__^ I gave him the Christmas picture I drew and he was happy. He said it was awesome and it meant a lot to him, so, he let me have the Dark Side Tee for free as a gift because of the awesome drawing I drew. He said Natalie would love it and a few minutes later he asked me if I already knew that she reblogged it. Inside I was just like gabvusdbkjnhdhyb, but I kept calm. Haha xD I also bought the red SnapBack too. (: 

    Yess, so it really made a great impact on me to hear him tell me that I am an awesome artist. <3 Jaxin was really really nice. I hope to meet him again another day. (: Love Before Glory forever! <3 

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    Posted on Saturday, 31 December
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